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A game of toss with your dogs favorite disc is a great way to keep your dog both physically and mentally stimulated. Disc Doggy is Canada’s provider of Hyperflite and Hero Disc dog discs and doggy fun across the country! Browse our featured discs below or head over to the shop page to see our full collection. We are sure that that we’ve got the discs for you, whether you’re a long time dog disc competitor, or someone who’s pup simply enjoys a good game of frisbee catch.

Not sure where to start? The classic Hyperflite Jawz is always a fan favorite!

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Why buy from Disc Doggy?

With so many flying discs available it can be difficult to choose one which is appropriate for canine play. Disc Doggy has selected discs which have been designed specifically to not damage or hurt your dogs teeth and mouth. The discs are all made of resilient material which will not crack or shatter. This will avoid the issue of dangerous sharp pieces your dog can swallow. They feature low profile ridges on both sides of the discs. Making it easy for your canine to grip without the problem of deeper ridges which can hold on to rocks and dirt creating sandpaper like textures. The discs also feature a large round edge which fits perfectly in a canine mouth, ensuring ease of catching.

However, the thought in the flying discs sold by Disc Doggy does not stop there, there was also a large focus on throwing quality. While there are many common toy frisbees available on the market, they are not designed with flying quality in mind. A proficient thrower could pick up any disc from our shop and appreciate the aerodynamics and ease of throwing that comes with a quality disc. Your dog will enjoy the chase a far flying disc can offer!

All flying discs are sold and shipped from Canada.