Choosing the Right Disc for Your Dog

What makes a dog safe disc?

There are a few things to look for when buying a disc for your dog:

  1. Non-brittle plastic. Most discs found at the store, even pet stores, are simply too rigid and sharp which poses a hazard to your dog. A rigid disc can break when bitten, causing splinters and injuring your pet. If the disc is too hard, it can also damage a dogs teeth. Choose a reputable manufacturer who has been making dog safe discs for a long time such as Hyperflite, Hero Disc USA and DTW Discs.
  2. Size and shape. A safe disc should not be too heavy for your dog. Many discs made for humans weigh too much for safe play. The disc should have rounded edges made of a somewhat flexible material.

Bite resistant or regular?

Hyperflite disc durability chart

Discs are divided into two broad categories of bite resistant or regular. Bite resistant discs such as the Hyperflite Jawz or the Hero Disc Super models are harder for a dog to puncture compared to the regular discs. While no disc is indestructible, these should be able to handle catches from dogs with strong bites who would normally go through a firsbee in a matter of minutes. If this is a problem you have, bite resistant is the way to go for both your dogs safety and your wallet. A disc with punctures will not fly properly and could potentially cut your dogs mouth, so it is important to make sure you choose a disc appropriate to your dogs bite.

Non-bite resistant, or regular discs, can be chomped through very easily by a hard biter. However, it has the benefit of being lighter weight meaning it can potentially glide a longer distance. This lighter weight may also mean reduced performance in the wind due to the lower stability, especially if it becomes punctured in any way.

There is other, more specific options, such as ultra soft discs which the SofFlite Disc falls into. This is the ideal disc for dogs which are new to discs or puppies with a really soft bite. They feature a very soft plastic which can be pleasurable to bite on for dogs with sensitive mouths. They are not suited to regular or hard biters however as the plastic can be punctured relatively easily.

Which size?

Discs come in a few sizes, from 7″ to 9.25″ (And sometimes even smaller!). For small dogs and puppies it is recommended to go with a disc which is 7″. These will typically allow the dog to carry the disc more easily without it dragging on the ground. All discs from the Pup collection are this size and are made from the same material as their full size counterparts!

Otherwise an 8.75″ and 9.25″ disc should be good for any medium to large breed dog. The larger size 9.25″ discs will have a larger surface area and therefore provide a more stable flying experience. If you’re looking for a large width discs which is also durable the Z-Disc Fang is a great option.

This being said…

If you’re serious, it might be best to try out a few discs, you never know what your dog may prefer, the wind conditions and what works best for your throwing style. Sorry if Fido no longer wants to play with his old toys once acquainted to disc play.